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Back 2 Work for Moms – August

Breastfeeding Workshop 

August 6, 2023

Cradle of Life is proud to continue its workshop series in an effort to empower more moms to breastfeed for longer.

I have had so many mommies tell me they wish my support were available BEFORE they had their babies. Let’s face it pregnancy and motherhood can get overwhelming with all the advice from well-meaning friends and family, heck even strangers, and of course the internet.

So here is my unique gift to you to clear the air of confusion and empower you with the knowledge, ability, and support to enjoy your breastfeeding journey.

By popular demand, this workshop will now facilitate moms in your 4th trimester. So if your baby is 3 months or younger and needs breastfeeding support, you are especially welcome!

The workshop is available virtually. However, in person – will be small, intimate, and very hands-on utilizing life-size baby dolls to assist you in getting comfortable with various breastfeeding positions. (Of course, COVID-19 protocols will be observed)

Partners, spouses, friends, or a close family member (one guest) can accompany you (the mommy-to-be).

On Sunday, (for 3 hours) we will cover a number of topics at a cost of JMD$6500. We will of course take breaks, to walk and stretch… because well… pregnancy. Light snacks, fruits, juices, and water will be provided.

A workbook will be utilized throughout the workshop, and you’ll have it to take home as a keepsake and reminder of everything learned on the day. You will also receive a gift bag with some goodies courtesy of our sponsors, and there will be additional giveaways.

Cradle of Life has a number of service offerings, and once you have participated in this workshop, you automatically get a JMD$5000 discount on any service booked once your little one arrives.

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